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Bansal Organic Grower Group

BANSAL ORGANIC GROWER GROUP is a society registered under the society registration Act XXI of 1860. The society was registered in the year 2009 and has its registered office at village – Kurli, Post Office – Chatuanka, Kantabanji District- Bolangir -767039, Odisha. Om Organic Cotton Pvt. Ltd. Is the promoting body of Bansal Organic Grower Group and acts as the marketing partner of Bansal Organic Grower Group.

Since last 5 years Bansal Organic Grower group procures seed cotton from farmers group with the help of its field staff (purchase officer) and processed in Om Organic Cotton Pvt. Ltd., Kantabanji. After processing the finished product i.e. lint cotton, it is sold to the Spinning mills, Star Export Houses of India as Organic Cotton and Fair Trade Cotton.

Om Organic Cotton Pvt. Ltd. has an agreement with the farmers of Bansal Organic Grower Group to purchase their entire product through Bansal Organic Grower group and after processing the same it will be sold in Organic and Fair Trade Market.

The extra money (Organic Fair-Trade Premium) that is received gets transferred directly to Bansal Organic Grower Group’s bank account to take up social development work and other economic development activities for the registered members (farmers) of the group.

The main objectives of the Bansal Organic Grower Group are following:-

  • Farming of organic contract of Cotton, Paddy, Turmeric, Ground Nut, Chilies, Pulses, Onion, Garlic, Peanut, Cow Pee, Rahad, Maze and other agricultural products.
  • Manufacturing Organic Manure and Organic Pesticide.
  • To improve and cultivate forest land for organic agro products and forest product.
  • To cultivate commercial crop like Cotton, Tea, Coffee, Rubber, or any other serials of grains in organic way.
  • To improve fertility of land by lunching programs on land resources and providing them agricultural apparatus.
  • To produce agro based product and by-products like Oil, Pulse, Cotton Textile, Synthetic Yarn, Polyester Yarn, Silk, Wool and any other fibrous materials.
  • To deal in weaving or otherwise manufacturing, dyeing in organic way, printing of cloth and other related products.
  • To undertake and help all types of prolific research work, such as specialization work in collaboration with other institutions and organization regarding agricultural development and education in rural and urban areas.
  • To educate people about importance of environment and forests.
  • To organize workshop for people about plantation on unused land.
  • To spread knowledge around agriculture based industries and other sources for self-employment.
  • To conduct training programs on agriculture, sanitation, living condition, hygienic systems, cultural, physical, vocational, income generation. It also covers leprosy eradication, polio eradication, blindness eradication and rehabilitation programs for the needy.
  • To undertake all possible types of research work plans and programs and right measures to protect the environment from pollution. It also covers the upliftment of the environment condition of the people.


Bansal Organic Grower Group, Registration No. 6665-45 of 2011-12 under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 is engaged in cultivation and marketing of organic cotton in the remote areas of district Bolangir, Kalahandi and Rayagada with the help of 10 farmers group under the following name and address:

1. Maa Patneswari Organic Farmers Group., Registered Office at.-Jampadar, Post.-Chalki, Block-Muribahal, Dist.- Bolangir.

2. Bansal Organic Farmres Group., Registered Office at.-Bahabal, Post.- Bahabal, Via-Belpara, Block-Belpara,Dist.- Bolangir.

3. Maa Mangala Organic Farmers Group., Registered Office at.- Baguabahal, Post.-Ichhapara, Block-Muribahal, Dist.-Bolangir.

4. Maa Niti Dhuben Organic Farmers Group., Registered Office at-Mallikmunda, Post.-Barbahal, Block-Patnagarh, Dist.- Bolangir.

5. Maa Kali Organic Farmers Group., Registered Office at-Dore Padar, Post.-Narla Road, Block- Narla, Dist.- kalahandi.

6. Maa Vindhyabasini Organic Farmers Group., Registered Office at.- Kespala, Post.-Ghantmal, Block- Narla, Dist.- Kalahandi.

7. Maa Laxmi Organic Farmer Group., Registered Office at.- Adring, Post.- Ghantmal, Via.- Narla, Block – Narla., Dist.- Kalahandi.

8. Gadebandh Organic Grower Group., Registered Office at.-Gadebandh. Post.- Gadebandh, Via.- Narla, Block- Narla. Dist.- Kalahandi.

9. Maa Durga Organic Farmers Group, Registered Office at.-Thuapadi, Post.-Thuapadi, Via.-Bisamcuttack, Dist.- Rayagada.

10. Maa Navadurga Organic Farmers Group, Registered Office at-Muniguda, Post.- Muniguda, Via-Muniguda, Dist.- Rayagada.