"You can pick a little,you can pick a lot
but you cannot pick better"

Future Initiatives

Open a Fairtrade school for the children of marginalized farmers. This school will be equipped with all necessary and modern facilities like – class rooms, qualified faculty, sports facility, hygiene food, modern study curriculum etc.

The Need

  • Even as India observed a rise in the literacy rate in the past decade, a staggering 8 million children are still out of school. 21 per cent of the teachers at the primary level are without adequate qualification and as many as 9 per cent schools have only one teacher.
  • There are many small villages in this area where all children are uneducated. They don’t know about their potential and capabilities as they have never been to school.
  • Even if there is any school, they don’t have adequate facilities and quality teachers.

Our Plan

  • We are determined to open a Fairtrade School (FTTS) to help the children of marginalized farmers for their upliftment and awareness.
  • We want to help them to achieve their goals and define a career path for themselves.
  • We want to help them so that they are not affected by the production process and can work independently in future.
  • Farmers are not aware about the benefits of education as a result they don’t send their children to school due.

What we will do?

  • We will provide free education to them.
  • We will provide free medical facilities and free resources to them.
  • We will provide study materials and best quality teachers.
  • We will provide all possible new age study equipment such as computers and projectors.
  • We will be providing free healthy meal at school.