"You can pick a little,you can pick a lot
but you cannot pick better"


Enhancing the capacities of the producer organizations for market development

enhancing-capacitiesIf the farmer is a business man, then he should be able to decide on ‘what to sell’, negotiate on ‘at what price to sell’ and determine ‘when to sell’. Factors such as weather condition, input-expensive farming practices and market cartels are some significant reasons of the bad condition of small and marginal farmers in India. The situation is more critical in the case of cotton farmers in rain-fed regions, where cotton is the most important cash crop. However it is also fast becoming unviable due to high application of expensive chemical inputs, diminishing soil fertility levels, insufficient market returns in a fluctuating commodity market and resultant debt traps and suicide deaths.

In order to address this situation, Om Organic works on developing sustainable market linkages for farmers in national and international markets. Om Organic is involved in training and capacity building for farmer communities on issues such as quality management, local level market development, maintenance of organic standards and certification and development of local markets through promotion of better quality cotton in India.


Empowering Small holders by creating their own Producer Company which will be run and governed by small holders

Om Organic is currently engaged with disadvantage and marginal farmers towards improving their livelihood options through bringing different interventions at project level in order to build sustainable farming practice so that farmers find farming as lucrative livelihood and profitable occupation. It will enable to address the migration problem which is currently a huge challenge in Kantabaji district. We work with farmers from the regions of Odisha covering around 15000 acres. From 1000 farmer members in 2005 to around 4000 in 2014, Om Organic has history of philanthropic approach right from its inception and organization believe that, farmers and farms are the heart of our operation. We therefore currently engaged and constantly develop programs which aim to empower these disadvantage cotton farmers.

OM Organic is currently supporting these small farmers to form their own producer company so that they have more control over their livelihood and decide their community’s future. Om Organic strongly believe that these marginalized cotton farmers should be given opportunities to grow since cotton future supply depend on these communities and therefore if we do not strive to bring inclusive growth then the future cotton sector growth story will seriously hampered .Therefore Om organic is currently trying to engage with all the stake holder within the supply chain so that collectively we can improve and bring real impact to the lives of these cotton farmers and those who need the most.


Umbrella distribution program



Om Organic support a number of small programs to help farmers to get basic benefits from fairtrade premium.All the programs are introduced and decided by Bansal Organic Grower Group.With the onset of rainy season, many farmers and their children are affected due to direct contact with rain water.It not only affect the farmer but also the education of their children as they bunk school due to rain.After meeting with serveral farmer families, Bansal Organic grower group (BOGG) decided to distribute umbrella to farmers.


Small Scale Rice Plant












Bansal Organic Grower Group (BOGG) has financed for a small scale rice plant which provides food and economic stability to farmers and its family.Cotton crops are planted once a year in Odisha region.This rice plant provides a medium of food source as farmer can plant rice in his field and provide the paddy as an input to the rice plant and can collect rice as an output which he and his family can consume. Further, he can sale the by products of the process which add to his economin gain.